High value treatments. An understanding. A plan

Welcome to James Davis Physiotherapy, an Essex physiotherapist recognised for world-leading treatments and a genuine patient-focused approach. My committment is to give you an understanding of your problem and provide high value treatments, and a plan for you to self-manage at home. This will help you get better faster and return you back to moving normally. I avoid giving low value treatments such as spinal manipulation, use of electrical machines, acupuncture and massage which have been proved to be ineffective.

I have over 33 years' clinical experience  and specialist expertise in treating severe debilitating low back and neck pains and sports injuries. I treat shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries, knee and ankle pains and pregnancy-related back and pelvic pains in patients of all ages ranging from school children to elderly patients, including professional sports men and women (see Sporting History). I have a long tradition of helping people from all walks of life in Chelmsford, Essex and the home counties, get back to normal life, having been empowered to resolve their problems with our help and guidance.

Tremendous help and the relief

I had been suffering with back pain for many years, trying NHS Physio, chiropractors etc. where I started to finally give up and accept the pain. However in December 15 it got much worse to the degree that it hurt to stand or sit or doing anything and was affecting my day to day life. […]

Absolutely fantastic

I have learnt so much and Peter presented in a way that was easy to follow. It was very relevant and made it easy to transfer skills into clinical practice. I had gone very much into CBT in my practice and understood all the key themes, but will now increase my focus on just getting […]

Great course

Great course. Food for thought. This will definitely impact and change my practice.

Excellent course

Excellent course. Really inspirational. And motivating going back into clinical setting. Will definitely be back.

As a newly qualified physio

As a newly qualified physio this really does feel like the missing link between treating acute problems/dysfunction effectively, and having the same outcome with those chronic backs. Being shown how to directly address those psychosocial factors, I feel is going to massively improve my effectiveness. It seems clear why we/the health care system find it […]

Brilliant course

Brilliant course. It just makes sense. I have come away after 3 days with a completely different mindset. I have been on courses before but found it difficult to transfer my learning to the clinic setting but by the case studies this is a lot more transferable.

I am completely thrilled

I am completely thrilled. The course has changed my thinking, my focus and beliefs. Made me start planning what I’m going to do when I return to my clinic – how to transform these skills in practice – how to disseminate this knowledge to my colleagues and change practice. Great journey. Thank you for the […]

From early training

From early training I have had a growing sense of dissatisfaction with Physiotherapy as a profession and my ability to understand or explain the underlying mechanisms driving pain for my patients – until today. When you were asking your patients it all made sense.

Career changing course

‘Career changing course. Empowers practitioners to empower patients. Simplifying a complex problem’.

Graham Gooch (October 2014)

I have known James for many years, since 1992 in fact when he first came to work with me at Essex CCC after four years at Lords, on the recommendation of some of my players at the time. Physios in cricket spend a lot of their time looking afer bowlers and batsmen but fortunately I […]