Comparison of US Constitution to Iraq Constitution

Comparison of US Constitution to Iraq Constitution

A constitution can be explained as a laid down guidelines for the government which are over and over codified as a kind of created manuscript that spells out and confines the capabilities and capability to exercise force of a political party (power). In the case of countries and sovereign parts of federal states the expression refers exclusively to a constitution defining the primary guidelines of politics, and instituting the configuration, procedures, example of a compare and contrast essay adopted over time but a referendum that took place in 2005 accepted the constitution becoming used by Iraqis. On the other hand the American constitution is considered base and basis of the legal right to exercise electric power over another (authority) necessary to the existence of america of America and the federal government of the United States. It grants the framework for the institute of the United Says government and for the rapport of the federal government to the says, to citizens, and all people within the United States.

Both constitutions empathize on democracy. The constitutions seek to safeguard the dignity and liberty of guy. The constitutions forbid any kind of emotional, psychological, or physical torture. Both constitutions are mindful of the welfare and protection of its people despite the freedom of conversation the constitutions furnish that the freedom could be breached by a judicial decision whenever this is a matter of national secureness. These affect the individual privileges of the citizen. Addititionally there is freedom of worship in the constitutions although the Iraq constitution even more states that Islam may be the official language.

According to the Iraqi constitution section three chapter content 49 the council of representatives shall be elected and shall contain a number of participants at a ratio of one member per 100,000 Iraqi folks. These representatives will be elected by a primary secret basic ballot. The members happen to be elected for a term of 4 years. The president is usually elected by the council of representatives by a two-thirds bulk and is limited to 2 conditions in office with a span of 4years in 1 term. The president of Iraq features two deputies with whom they type a presidency council. The presidency council appoints the primary minister of Iraq and cabinet ministers who should be approved by assembly. There should be two thirds majority for a president to end up being elected. The American constitution states that the president provides what is a mixture all the executive electricity vested on him the president is the chief diplomat and the commander in chief of the armed forces. For a maximum of two four-year conditions the president and vice-president are elected as operating mates by the Electoral University for which each single status is allocated a variety of seats based on its representation on the senate and Residence of Representatives whose members of both the residences happen to be elected by the Us citizens. The vice-president is certainly second highest executive officer of the government. The vice-president is merely permitted to vote in the senate to break a vote which is tied. The principle executive officer of america may be the Secretary of Condition. The Secretary of status is certainly appointed by the president and is the third highest ranking member of the government plus they answer right to the president. In the USA constitution the Supreme Court is the highest courtroom of the property. The court is responsible for matters dealing with condition disputes, and interpreting the constitution of the united states and overrules some legislations so creating precedents for upcoming reference. The supreme and lower court justices will be elected by the persons as the rest are appointed being that they are in the federal government. The Iraqi constitution provides that local court judges will be appointed by the neighborhood authority, while the federal government appoints the supreme judges. Islam is also considered a source of legislation and the regulations of administration circumscribe Shariah laws

U.S. residents have nearly universal suffrage from age 18. The point out governments have the most impact over most Americans’ daily lives. The Tenth Amendment to america Constitution warranties their broad-spectrum plenary powers, against the limited explain powers possessed by the government; subsequently, they handle the bulk of the issues most pertinent for some individuals of their jurisdiction. The governor may be the highest elected official at each status is the governor. Addititionally there is an elected state legislature in each point out except Nebraska (bicameralism), whose members represent the status voters. The town, city, or county boards will be the institutions responsible for native governments. The legislature in each status should stipulate the time manner and spots of retaining elections for senators and representatives. Iraq includes a unicameral legislature

The president of the United Sates gets compensation, which might not be increased or decreased throughout their time in office; for being the president. Qualification for presidency in the usa include; a natural born citizen U. S. A, at least 35 years and have resided in the states for 14 years. The representatives should be of an years of 25 or over, and residents of the area for a minimum of 7 years and an inhabitant of the point out they are elected. The senators should be 30years and have been citizens of that states for 9 years and should be inhabitants of the talk about at that time.

The amendments as provided by the constitution of the United States may be approved in the next ways: by particular convention from congress, ratified by two-thirds of both houses and sent for approval to the states, or by Two-thirds of the express legislatures applying to Congress for a constitutional caucus to consider amendments, which are then simply sent for approval to the states. Any amendments to the Iraqi constitution would need to be approved by an identical referendum to the one which had approved it actually.

Vacancies are to be packed by writs of election issued by the executive authority whenever vacancies happen from the representation of any state (Section 2, Clause 4,).

Madison provides it is of great importance not only to guard one section of the society against injustice but also to protect the other side of society against oppression from its rulers (1788). Thanksgiving has turned into a huge traditional American getaway, then there`s independence time which celebrates the declaration of independence which are all national getaways and enacted in the constitution.

Both the Iraq and america constitutions seek to serve their people who’ve different demographics. Each of the constitutions gets the interests of the people at heart concentrating on the several lifestyles and cultures of two different people. After analyzing both the constitutions and the study material which I have been through which a few of the information is not included I discover that both constitutions are incredibly effective.

Clinical management of a trauma patient

Two vehicles collide at a stoplight, one owning a reddish light and slamming into the side of another. Plastic breaks, metallic bends and complete silence fills the night, a short calm before a massive storm. Tones blare, women and men clamber out of their beds, adrenalin surging to critical levels; they rush with their cars and tear off into the night. Sirens scream in to the darkness, lamps flash blinding beams deep into the shadows. The crisis response is now active and the ones paramedics and firefighters will soon be upon the accident scene. Once there they will tear into the vehicles, extricating the hurt, damaged bodies, loading them into ambulances and helicopters, and mailing them off to the definitive health care of a hospital’s trauma center. The clock has started ticking, there is no stopping it, and every tick gives the patient closer to death. Rapid effective intervention of the trauma sufferer by definitive care is essential if the patient stands any potential for surviving.

"There is a golden hour between life and death. If you are critically injured you possess less than 60 a few minutes to survive. You might not die right then; it may be three days or two weeks later — but something has happened within your body that is irreparable." – Dr. R Adams Cowley (UMMC, 2010, para. 5)

Clinical Control of a trauma patient

Management of the severely injured trauma sufferer is a complex and vital aspect of the er nurse. Proper operations encompasses multiple specialties and can be a job that requires collaboration with many providers and requires rapid administration. I am going to attempt to supply the framework for the correct management of the multiply wounded individual in this paper. To start I will show the epidemiology of trauma, that may highlight how generally this patient may appear, and will progress into a system-by-system priority assessment.


Traumatic "injuries are the leading reason behind death for kids and adults ages 1-44" years good old. ("Trauma," 2009, p. 1) In fact, unintentional injuries yearly account for nearly 2 million years of potential existence lost. This staggering volume shines a light on just how common injuries occur, and reveals why nurses ought to be prepared for this sufferer to arrive through the ED doors. Nearly 82% of the populace lives in a hour on an even 1 or level 2 trauma centre, and in Brevard County by itself we have HRMC, which is a level 2 trauma middle and serves over 1400 patients each year. ("The Trauma Centre at Holmes Regional Medical Center," n.d.)

Pre-hospital care

Pre-hospital care in Brevard County is definitely primarily the duty of Brevard County Fire Rescue as the transporting organization. Usual response for BCFR is normally a rescue product with two paramedics, both been trained in Pre-hospital trauma life support and with a scope of practice which allows for enough stabilization of the trauma person. However, definitive care must be the goal, as paramedics are not equipped to do a lot more than ensure patient viability to the er. As such, the nurse must be aware that while the patient has received care and attention ahead of arrival, that care may have simply been enough to achieve the patient there and while that is clearly a start the nurse should be prepared to dominate care and start right from the start with an intensive and prompt assessment.


The assessment phase commences with an initial survey of the patient followed by a rapid trauma assessment that hits on the virtually all obvious and most life threatening injuries initially. The initial study follows the recognized mnemonic ABCDE: Airway, Inhaling and exhaling, Circulation, Disability, and Publicity. (Brunker, 2010).

Airway is often assessed initially when you make contact with an individual. The airway must be assessed for patency, protective reflexes (laryngospasm, glottis closure, cough, etc.), if there are any foreign bodies present, check for secretions and buildup of liquids (mainly blood) , and finally you need to look for injury. Injuries can take the form of lacerations, broken teeth, and penetrating items; along with some not so visible injuries such as for example burns around the oral cavity, which can lead someone to believe there may be an airway burn damage, or blistering in the mouth, which might be from caustic agents getting inhaled/swallowed. While assessing airway it’s also advisable to assess the patient’s level of consciousness, this can be done utilizing the Glasgow coma scale. Degree of consciousness could be a great indicator of how well a patient can control his or her own airway. If an individual is unable to control their own airway then right now there has to be an intervention to control it instead of the patient. This will generally be done by using oro-tracheal intubation and you will be performed by the medical professional or by respiratory therapist at the bedside. This will be done on most patients through fast sequence induction, a process by which the individual is normally rendered unconscious and paralyzed employing sedatives/hypnotics and neuromuscular blocking brokers, (Tang, Li, Huang, Ma, & Wang, 2011). Surgical airway access could be necessary if there are the oral path fails or there is a facial injury that inhibits oral intubation (such as fractures, penetrating things etc.). It may also be used if the patient’s airway has become swollen and edematous after an anaphylactic reaction and oral intubation cannot pass through but the airway is still accessible via surgical cric.

Breathing is assessed subsequent and is most simply done by basically observing the patient and determining the amount and depth of the patient’s respirations. After guaranteeing the patient is really breathing (if the patient is not breathing you must begin breathing for the individual) you should apply a pulse oximeter and auscultate lung sounds properly to determine if there is any probability of a hemo/pneumothorax or of diminished/abnormal breathing. It is now time when you apply supplemental O2 and, if possible, supply it employing an adjunct with the capacity of capnography. If the presence of a pneumo or hemothorax is normally detected then intervention should be done, generally in the type of needle thoracostomy, prior to the assessment continues. This will become performed by a physician and you will be done to get time before a chest tube could be placed.

Next is Circulation, which is certainly assessed by evaluating the patients skins color, epidermis temp, and mental status in addition to the obvious checking of pulses for amount/quality/regularity. The colour and temperature of your skin as well as peripheral pulses are great indicators for how very well the patient is perfusing. Care ought to be taken when looking the patient to notice any clear bleeding or pooling of bloodstream. If the individual is hemorrhaging then direct pressure should be applied and the bleeding controlled before moving on. During this time period the patient should have some kind of vascular access began to enable the infusion of fluids and medications. In most of trauma sufferers, IV access will consist of two large bore IV catheters to facilitate the speedy infusion of volume level expanding crystalloids such as for example 0.9% NaCL or Ringer’s Lactate or if the amount of volume damage necessitates it, to infuse uncrossed O-pos blood.

Disability, or neurological deficits should be assessed next and really should get preferable be assessed prior to the patient is certainly sedated or RSIed to establish a baseline for continuing assessment. That is also of superb importance in sufferers with head accidents as neurological deficits can be a sign of raising intracranial pressure, a serious injury that can cause coma or death if untreated.

Exposure is next as far as priorities go, however it can and should be accomplished early on to avoid missing potential accidental injuries. The trauma patient should be exposed completely to eliminate any possible damage and a systematic head to toe assessment should be performed, this assessment should focus on DCAPBTLS: Deformities, contusions, abrasions, punctures/penetrating accidental injuries, burns, tenderness, lacerations, and swelling. These abnormalities are some of the most common abnormalities on a trauma individual and care ought to be taken to make certain the patient’s body system is checked thoroughly, like the back of the patient. This may be done to some extent while nonetheless on a backboard but can only be completely completed once cervical backbone stabilization is in place and a proper log roll can be accomplished.

The E in ABCDE can also be employed for environment, which is usually something that can’t be overlooked even in the initial stages of treatment. The patient will be exposed entirely, in a presumable cool environment, the patient isn’t perfusing properly, and the individual is receiving IV fluids at a rapid rate. All of those factors add up to the possibility of the individual growing hypothermia at some stage; as such, the individual must be warmed at some time, preferable early on in the treatment because of hypothermia in traumatic individuals being associated with an elevated mortality rate. Reduction in a patient’s heat has been associated with much raised oxygen demand, an final result that’s detrimental to a patient who is already suffering from a perfusion problem. In fact, a drastic reduction in body temperature can bring about dysrhythmias that can cause death very swiftly. (Moore, 2008)

After the initial survey and the initial treatment has started, the secondary or concentrated survey must be accomplished. In this re-evaluation, the nurse will give attention to performing a complete assessment as opposed to the rapid trauma assessment already completed. This assessment will also require documenting a patient’s history, history of the present illness, mechanism of injury. This is as well when the nurse goes into detail using areas that may have been overlooked in the fast assessment, it is crucial to be sure that no personal injury is overlooked. During this period there will most likely be diagnostic exams being done, upper body x-rays, CT scans, labs drawn, and cervical backbone x-rays.

Once life-threatening injuries have been managed, the individual will begin to receive even more definitive treatment, including surgery treatment, chest tube positioning and others. This might occur at any time during the nurse’s assessment as interventions happen to be dictated by the patient’s state. Depending on condition, the nurse will perform tertiary surveys, concentrating on specific areas of fascination that the nurse did not address through the initial survey.

This was a brief history of the initial management of a trauma patient but it provides the framework for the trauma nurse to build upon and allows for successful management of a critically hurt patient. Trauma is usually a multidisciplinary specialty that will require many providers to work together; nurses are a crucial portion of the trauma team and may prove to be invaluable. Trauma is one of the most sudden and unpredicted things that can happen to an individual, and the last person an individual may see is the trauma nurse. I will end with the quotation I started with, "There exists a golden hour between life and death. When you are critically injured you contain less than 60 moments to survive. You might not die right then; it can be three days or fourteen days later — but something has happened within your body that’s irreparable." – Dr. R Adams Cowley (UMMC, 2010, para. 5). That 60 minutes is the domain of the trauma nurse, make those a few minutes matter. Above all, non nocere (do no damage).

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child abuse essay

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Sexual Abuse in Ladies

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