Our current pricing policy is separated into Uninsured and Insured.

Uninsured patients receiving a consultation from James Davis = £52

All Insured patients receive a consultation from James Davis = £69

We charge one fee per visit regardless of how long it may take each session. Your need is our priority. The first visit will take longer but we do not charge differently to follow up visits. Domicillary visits are priced differently and available on request.

It is our clinic policy to request payment for treatment on the day you receive it. You able to settle your account by paying cash, cheques or electronic cards. There is no surcharge for use of debit cards but there is 3% surcharge for credit cards.

Those patients who wish to claim our treatment fees from their Medical Health Insurance companies are required  to pay us  directly after each session and then forward our receipts to the insurance company. The company will reimburse you the patient directly. Although we are registered and have full recognition status with all the major medical health insurance companies we do not have contracts with them for invoicing purposes except for BUPA. For BUPA members we invoice them on your behalf provided of course you have pre-authoriastion and have passed the relevant details to our friendly reception staff before treatment commences.

You should check:

  • That you will be reimbursed for attending physiotherapy with us and that your condition is covered.
  • Your insurers limit – check the number of sessions and/or length of time you can recieve treatment.
  • Whether you need to be referred by a GP or consultant to claim back your physiotherapy fees.
  • If you have to pay an excess.