Making an appointment

Consultations are by appointment only.  To make an appointment please ring us on 01245 349 096 or e-mail and our receptionists will be very happy to book you an appointment.

You can refer yourself directly to us for physiotherapy.  If you are self-funding your physio treatment you do not need to visit your GP. Some Private Medical Insurance (PMI) companies require you to visit your GP before you attend for physiotherapy. In that case you will need pre-authorisation from your and  Private Medical Insurance company before coming to see me.

Should you need the physiotherapist to come to your home or place of work, this can be arranged, so please contact the Reception Desk for further details.

During the first consultation, which can take between  30-60 minutes, an initial questioning format will be adopted followed by a thorough examination so that an effective treatment plan can be introduced. An explanation of your problem will be offered along with a prognosis and suggested treatment plan. All patients registering with the clinic for the first time will need to complete a ‘New Patient Information’ form and read and sign a ‘Patient Consent’ form that outlines the types of treatment, billing and cancellation procedures.

Cancelling an appointment

Patients who wish to cancel or rearrange their appointment should ring 01245 349096

In 2003 we changed our cancellation policy from requiring 24 hours notice to just 4 hours notice. We like to give our patients every opportunity to cancel or rearrange an appointment. However failure to give us 4 hours notice will incur a fee of £40. To help remind you of your forthcoming appointment we shall send an automated text message reminder at least 12 hours before you are due to visit us.

We like to think that having such a generous cancellation time and the appointment text reminder is fair and just. Most people own a mobile phone and it will take just a minute to give us 4 hours notice of cancellation. Please note cancellation charges are not redeemable from medical insurance companies.