Insured patients

You should check with your medical insurance company whether:

  • That you will be reimbursed for attending physiotherapy with us and that your condition is covered.
  • Your insurers limit – check the number of sessions and/or length of time you can recieve treatment.
  • Whether you need to be referred by a GP or consultant to cliam back your physiotherapy fees.
  • If you have to pay an excess.
  • You will need to pay for your physiotherapy at the end of each session and reclaim your fees from your insurer, unless We have a specific service agreement with BUPA and we invoice them direct on your behalf.

    We have full recognition status with all the major medical health insurance companies.

    Our provider numbers:


    We are pleased to provide treatment for all BUPA members as an official approved BUPA clinic.

    If you are using BUPA to pay for our services you will need to give us an authorisation code obtainable from BUPA, your policy number and details of policy excess before you receive treatment. Once we receive all relevant details we can proceed with treatment and invoice BUPA directly on your behalf.

    James Davis  HPC registration number is PH36588

    Hannah Maxey HPC registration number is PH080264