Spinal pain

Low back pain is very common. About 80% of people will suffer an episode of back pain in their lifetime, and the majority of these disorders will resolve. The problem is when these episodes do not resolve in the expected healing time and become chronic. Only 15% of chronic low back pain disorders show up on scans and x-rays, which means 85% of patients have no known diagnosis for their problem. A classification of ‘non-specific chronic low back pain’ is given to their problem which makes diagnosis and management very difficult.


Thanks to the pioneering work of Professor Peter O’Sullivan from Perth, Western Australia, who has undertaken groundbreaking research into the field of chronic low back pain (CLBP) and introduced his findings into the clinical environment, a new method of treatment has developed. “Chronic low back pain patients develop faulty movement patterns that appear to contribute significantly to their persistent pain experience.” Peter O’Sullivan’s Classification-Based Cognitive Functional Therapy  is used to identify the underlying driving mechanism of the problem and resolve the issue using functional ways of moving better. Genetic, physical, social, psychological and patho-anatomical factors are considered when using this classification system to treat chronic low back pain.


At James Davis Physiotherapy our postgraduate physiotherapy training has given us many different treatment and management options that can be applied to your spinal pain disorder.  Having identified the underlying mechanism of the painful disorder, one of our most effective methods of treatment is to use Peter O’Sullivan’s Cognitive Functional Therapy which teaches patients to take control and manage their pain disorder in an effective manner.