Alisdair Hogarth

James has been my regular physiotherapist for the last two years and I have no hesitation in highly recommending him both for treating existing conditions and also for advising on preventive measures and exercises for those engaged in physically challenging activities. He always treats the cause rather than the symptoms which gives you both the quickest possible relief and also the tools to deal with it should discomfort occur at the same location in the future. This also means you usually only need a small number of sessions rather than having to go back constantly for the treatment of symptoms. He is exceptional at matching treatments and exercises to your lifestyle eg. use of exercise bands instead of free weights if you travel. He is also able to advise via Skype if you need assistance whilst travelling or abroad. I go to James for physical conditioning for my career as a professional pianist and I think he is exceptional: I’d recommend him to anyone, whether injured or wanting advice on preventative measures.

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