Rajeeb Dey

James is a total life saver for me. I have been having problems on and off for quite a few years and suffered immensely with back spasms acutely in past few weeks. After being pretty much on the floor for 3 days James got me walking within a 1.5 hour home visit and during our sessions at his clinic he helps me recognise the triggers of the pain and the solutions to deal with them. He’s totally different to any other physio I’ve seen and his results speak for themselves. All my friends and family have been amazed at how quickly he’s supported my recovery and whilst I’m not 100% as yet I’m much better than I’ve ever been (and find his educational approach and Cognitive Functional Therapy approach far more effective than medication / pain management injections and other interventions – all of which I’ve tried in the past!) Cannot recommend James highly enough!

Claudine Chippin

Hi James,
I am writing to thank you so much for sorting me out-I was doubtful when you said I probably wouldnÕt need to keep my appointment in late December but of course you knew that I wouldnÕt.
I have resumed ergs & outings & have had NO pain! My Glutes are so much stronger & I LOVE belly- breathing! Needless to say the articles have been brilliant & I am crossing my fingers that IÕm not on holiday when Prof OÕSullivan comes over.
I cannot thank you enough for giving me 100% escape from my increasing symptoms…as long as I do my exercises-No question of adherence needless to say!
Kind regards

Melanie Handell

I was referred to James after a double disc replacement in my neck performed by my surgeon, Mr Peter Hamlyn at The Princess Grace Hospital. Physio was recommended to me to strengthen and assist my recovery after the op. Prior to coming to James, i knew very little on the mechanics of the neck and back and how important good posture is. James has a vast knowledge and has taught me, that even after successful surgery, it is imperative to understand and maintain a good posture and keep up the exercises he has taught me. It has been revolutionary!! I now feel confident to maintain all that IÕve learnt and know that if I have any further problems, I would only need a physio and would only come back to James. Thankyou James!!

Patricia Fowler

I saw James after suffering with Migraines for many years.
He spends a lot of time listening and looking at the patient rather than seeking a quick fix that means you have to keep going back for more treatment. His philosophy is to find the cause of the problem then show the patient how they can correct it themselves. I left with a raft of exercises to do, all photographed on my phone as a reminder and a clear understanding of why my neck was causing me so many problems. I haven’t had a migraine since.

Paul Brand W

Following 30 years of lower back pain, 2 operations including a discectomy at L4/L5 and numerous chiropractor and physio appointments I found James Davis. James takes an educational approach to treating his patients and having almost given up on finding a reason/cure for my back pain I was wholly receptive. As with most patients I was dismissive to begin with but as James repeated his advice a light slowly switched on. My back is currently 9 out of 10 but more importantly I believe that through James, I now understand the process and chain of events that creates the problem in the first place which is the most valuable tool to possess. Thanks James, hopefully you wonÕt see me again

Lucy Pollard-Gunnery

I have seen James over several years and I love his holistic approach to physiotherapy, he doesn’t just address the obvious problem but also those that might impact for other reasons. I recently saw James where he performed and Epley manoeuvre which my GP had recommended as I had been suffering for several months with nausea, dizziness and occasional falls to the extent where I was no longer able to drive or cross the road safely. My new GP diagnosed a condition called BPPV, a type of vertigo l caused by debris in the inner ear and she had recommended a look at some YouTube videos and to attempt the manoeuvre myself. My partner and I did indeed attempt the manoeuvre only to make it worse but I was absolutely astounded that a single session with James to effectively reposition the debris to a the part of my inner ear that doesn’t interfere with balance and associated nausea and I was quite literally cured on the spot. I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

Vicky Joseph

I first saw James Davis in October 2017 and after two sessions he referred me on to his colleague Ian Cowell, purely because of geographical accessibility. I had been suffering with persistent low back pain for almost a year.

This, my second bout (the first having started in 2000 and lasted for over six years) had started some months after hip surgery for a labral tear and had seemed to come from nowhere. My pain level ranged from medium to severe, very rarely let up, the strongest opiates barely touched it and I had given up almost all social, work and sporting activities. The pain was having a huge impact on my life and I was deeply depressed. Despite having been through something similar before and recovered, I was terrified that this was to be my life from now on, and it didn’t really seem worth living.

I wasn’t surprised to find that an MRI hadn’t revealed any structural problems that might account for the pain as I had spent many hours researching modern concepts and ideas about persistent pain and knew that there was little correlation between symptoms and what can be seen on a scan.

Rather I understood that persistent pain was a problem of sensitisation of the central nervous system and I had spent the year seeing a number of practitioners to try to ‘fix’ my pain through a bio-psycho-social approach. This included trying to return as much as possible to a ‘normal’ life (which I failed to do), doing things that gave me pleasure (almost nothing), regular appointments with a ‘pain-physio’, a psychotherapist, a clinical psychologist and a cranial osteopath, meditation two or three-times a day, frequent mindfulness, visualization, mind-body exercises, relaxation, self-massage, improving my balance and so on. None of this helped.

Very occasionally late at night or when I was deeply distracted by something pleasurable, my pain would unpredictably and mysteriously disappear. Other than that I woke up with it and went to bed with it every day and the only slight relief I had was from a TENS (Trans-cutaneous electro-stimulation) unit and from cold water swimming which temporarily numbed the pain.

Endless Googling, frequently reading and re-reading the same stories, finally led me to James, Ian and Cognitive Functional Therapy. After two appointments with James and five or six with Ian I began to feel better. I now consider myself completely recovered, at least for the time being!

So what did James and Ian say and do that was different? Two things: – firstly they recognized that the muscles in my mid-back were in a constant state of contraction and had probably been this way for some time and taught me how to relax them. Secondly Ian’s view, as I understood it, was that my brain needed to learn that my body was not in danger and I needed to stop all ‘pain behaviour’; no more researching about pain, no more reading about pain, no more listening to radio programmes about pain, no rubbing or stretching painful parts of my body, no grimacing or moaning; in fact absolutely no specific activities or treatments designed to relieve pain at all, not even the use of the TENS.

All I can say is that it worked! Today I am pain free, back to doing everything I was doing before the pain struck, and am off on a skiing holiday next week. Life is back to normal, which I never dreamed it would be – and I’m still cold-water swimming! I will be forever indebted to James and especially to Ian Ð it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they might actually have saved my life.

Dale Kaszycki

James is diligent and effective in his treatment, all of which is backed up by good conversation. I’ve specifically asked my health provider to refer me to James on two occasions and would do so again.

Tahir Sharif

James has been great. I’ve had lower back pain for 30 odd years, usually manifesting as spasms that can leave me unable to walk. In the past I’ve had massage, acupuncture, but most regularly chiropractic treatment. Of these Chiro worked, but only at alleviating the symptoms not addressing the cause. James has got me to think differently about my back and how I deal with it, my first appointment was end Feb and I couldn’t walk without my wife’s help. I was discharged last week after 6 appointments and have done all the stuff that has previously caused me issues with no adverse effects. I’m still doing my exercises daily, and now stretch whenever my back feels a bit tight. Really been great for me.
Thanks James

Louise Smith

James’s combination of regular thorough questioning, accommodating my sporadic visits (two young children) and focusing on the way I moved, lifted, drove, sat etc., has resulted in dramatic changes that have enabled me to live pain free, despite having spondylolisthesis and a left labral tear. Worth the journey from Leigh-on-Sea to Chelmsford and worth every penny.