Massage is a highly beneficial technique to reduce pain and tension in tight, sore muscles.  Massage is a manual therapy that involves handling soft tissues, such as muscle, tendons and ligaments, using pressure and stretching movements.


Massage can help to improve circulation, aid drainage of excess fluid, improve movement, relieve pain and aid relaxation. It may help a range of conditions, including problems with the neck, back, upper and lower limbs, headaches, and stress.

Sports massage focuses on kneading and rolling the soft tissue and may use greater pressure and intensity than remedial massage to relieve sore muscles. Sports massage can be used to enhance performance, warm up muscles and aid healing.  Sports massage is not only for athletes however, it can help anyone to relax and lower stress as it improves circulation and reduces tension.


If the more vigorous techniques of sports massage do not appeal, we do also offer remedial massage which aims to deliver the same therapeutic benefits of a sports massage but in a less intense manner.