George Currell

Prior to seeing James for physiotherapy I was in constant – sometimes debilitating – pain.
Having seen him at his practice (and discussing the possibility of attending a seminar with Professor Peter O’Sullivan), I found that the breathing and physical exercises that James suggested gave me a great deal of relief. I’d like to thank James for putting me forward as a candidate for the seminar. I had to be driven to the seminar by a friend. Peter made me feel as comfortable as possible when I first winced into the chair on the stage in the lecture hall. I was racked with intermittent bolts of pain in my left leg and a claw- like constriction and pain in my lower back. During the next couple of hours, in front of hundreds of practitioners in the hall, Peter asked me lots of questions regarding my situation, level of (obvious to all) pain and the history surrounding my back condition and the resulting pain.
Through discussion, challenge and a series of gradually more difficult exercises, coupled with breathing correctly, Peter had me bending, squatting and even picking up and replacing boxes onto the stage. I’m still amazed at the almost miraculous transformation from when I arrived at the Royal Free to carrying out movements I had been unable to do for nearly a year.
I gladly returned the following day driving my own car this time, to (hopefully) help to reinforce the learnings from the previous day – for both the attendees and for myself.
I still find it amazing that I can now do things I haven’t been able to for ages. This, I believe, is due to the refreshing and innovative approach taken by Peter and his team-and the group of therapists-who already use those ideas and techniques in their own practices.
I learnt that fear and pain are very closely linked.
I have been helped to a huge degree first by James Davis and then of course Peter, to break the ‘fear/pain’ link.
I’ve gone from a pain level of almost constant ’10’ down to ‘1’ and on some blissful days; none at all. I am happy for my comments to be used freely in any medium, because I firmly believe that this approach can change people’s lives.
Thanks again Peter and James, for inviting me to be there on the day to assist you in showing your colleagues and others the very insightful and powerful application of your ideas.
Kind regards and best wishes

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