Graham Gooch

I have known James for many years, since 1992 in fact when he first came to work with me at Essex CCC after four years at Lords, on the recommendation of some of my players at the time. Physios in cricket spend a lot of their time looking afer bowlers and batsmen but fortunately I had just a few occasions to call upon his expertise when I was playing for Essex and England. I have used him more since I retired from playing cricket and he has always sorted me out quickly especially when I was the batting coach for England.
His approach to physiotherapy is very different and far more effective than other forms of physiotherapy, and I have seen a lot in my time, because he always treats the cause so that your pain or problem goes within a few treatments. James does not use machines but relies on his skills to assess movement problems and then gives the right exercises to get you better. I know he looks on the world stage for effective treatments with strong professional ties with Australia.

Nothing is too much trouble for him and if he feels the solution is not a physio thing he has an excellent network of medical consultants to call upon who can resolve the problem quickly. In professional sport it is vital to have someone to rely on to get you or the players under my jurisdiction better quickly and James seems to do that efficiently and without fuss. That is why I send my family along to him when the need arises and so I would thoroughly recommend anyone to use him. Thanks for all your help James, I really appreciate it.

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