Ian Butler

After a cricket shoulder injury from last season, it seemed that an operation was needed. After my first visit to see James he identified a key reason why the pain still existed due to ‘POSTURE’ during working at a desk with the computer for many hours in the day & driving position. James indicated that these also would have been the main cause for the shoulder injury in the first place. So even if an operation was conducted the problem would not have gone away. Since last weekÕs first appointment I already have changed my work posture and attention to what James has told me with daily exercises. In this first week I can say I feel so much better with almost no pain in the shoulder, however he still needs to work on mobility of the shoulder over the coming weeks. So more exercises are key, but not any old exercises, these are very focused in the specific areas to regain the mobility. I am so glad I got the opportunity to have a second opinion from the surgeon and his recommendation to use James Davis. Looking forward for my first net!

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