Lucy Pollard-Gunnery

I have seen James over several years and I love his holistic approach to physiotherapy, he doesn’t just address the obvious problem but also those that might impact for other reasons. I recently saw James where he performed and Epley manoeuvre which my GP had recommended as I had been suffering for several months with nausea, dizziness and occasional falls to the extent where I was no longer able to drive or cross the road safely. My new GP diagnosed a condition called BPPV, a type of vertigo l caused by debris in the inner ear and she had recommended a look at some YouTube videos and to attempt the manoeuvre myself. My partner and I did indeed attempt the manoeuvre only to make it worse but I was absolutely astounded that a single session with James to effectively reposition the debris to a the part of my inner ear that doesn’t interfere with balance and associated nausea and I was quite literally cured on the spot. I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

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