Melanie Reed

James literally saved my life.
I have had back problems from the age of 17 but at 24 I got so bad that for 3 years I was stuck in a bed in my living room unable to walk. I was in and out of hospital frequently with the extreme pain.
Doctors and hospital just kept giving me more and more pain meds which damaged my liver and never really helped, and told me it was all in my head I had nothing wrong with me but I knew the pain was real and something wasn’t right.
I was left and told they couldn’t do anymore and I would have to just live with it.
After the third year I finally got moving about with some NHS physio I was still house bound and having to use a wheelchair if I went out but could only be out for very short periods.
Then 2017 my back pain went so bad I couldn’t stop screaming in pain and again I was rushed into hospital knowing I was going to have the same thing happen of being told there’s nothing more they can do my depression and mood went down hill fast I thought this was it I would never be out of this pain and stuck forever like this.
I met a new surgeon in the hospital and he actually gave me a spinal block which worked for week it was the first time in 13years I had no pain, but unfortunately it wore of quickly.
He happened to have just heard about James and gave me his number, recommend I see him before they gave me surgery.
We couldn’t really afford private treatment but had got to the point where we needed to do something. Straight away over the phone James could tell I was tensing and doing things wrong and started correcting me there and then before an appointment. He came to see me at my mother in laws where I had to stay for a while and within a week i was walking again, I had to work hard at it and change not only the wrong exercises I was given to do for years but my mind set.
At first I thought great another person who thinks it’s all in my head and I’m not in pain but James helped me see that he knew the pain was very real but how the body remembers pain and can fool your nervous system into being so sensitive even the thought of doing something made you hurt.
This was exactly what was happening he corrected the exercises, made me move even more and changed how I thought about pain and gave me my life back.
If I hadn’t of seen him and had the treatment I was needing for years I would have had an unnecessary operation and I would not be here today.
I recommend anyone who needs help or can’t seem to find a solution to see him he will truly change your life.
I’m now walking miles and cycling I’m pretty much doing everything I can and more I never thought I would ever be back to me again and after losing all those years from doctors not understanding and telling me I was making it up to finally having someone who understands and really listens and helps I can do ANYTHING I want to.

Thank you so much James for giving my life back to me and for all you did without you I honestly wouldn’t be here today xx

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