Welcome to James Davis Physiotherapy, an Essex physiotherapist recognised for world-leading treatments and a genuine patient-focused approach. My committment is to give you an understanding of your problem and provide high value treatments, and a plan for you to self-manage at home. This will help you get better faster and return you back to moving normally. I avoid giving low value treatments such as spinal manipulation, use of electrical machines, acupuncture and massage which have been proved to be ineffective.

I have over 34 years' clinical experience  and specialist expertise in treating severe debilitating low back and neck pains and sports injuries. I treat shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries, knee and ankle pains and pregnancy-related back and pelvic pains in patients of all ages ranging from school children to elderly patients, including professional sports men and women (see Sporting History). I have a long tradition of helping people from all walks of life in Chelmsford, Essex and the home counties, get back to normal life, having been empowered to resolve their problems with our help and guidance.

I will attend another POS course

I have been trying to help people who I felt were fearful of moving. I now have the tools to help them relax and have confidence to follow through with the approach and it works and I have already had some VERY happy patients walk away from my clinic. They all say it makes sense. […]

I am hopeful this will ascend to other medical profession

Peters work is pioneering and I feel privileged to have witnessed this at first hand. I have come away from the workshop inspired, enthused and I am so excited about the future. Particularly for the management of patients with chronic pain and achieving excellent long term outcomes, for the profession and practice of Physiotherapy and […]

This was all highly inspiring and uplifting

The excellence of the course was in its tying together of the biopsychosocial elements of patient management, Peter’s fantastic treatment style and the use of models. This was all highly inspiring and uplifting. NL

The most amazing 3 days I have ever spent on a course

The course itself has managed to place me in the position where I have had to rethink my entire physio practice. Even in the short time since the course I have noticed spectacular results with my patients.  My colleagues are intrigued and overnight I am no longer in despair at the prospect of the worst […]

Rajeeb Dey

James is a total life saver for me. I have been having problems on and off for quite a few years and suffered immensely with back spasms acutely in past few weeks. After being pretty much on the floor for 3 days James got me walking within a 1.5 hour home visit and during our […]

Claudine Chippin

Hi James, I am writing to thank you so much for sorting me out-I was doubtful when you said I probably wouldnÕt need to keep my appointment in late December but of course you knew that I wouldnÕt. I have resumed ergs & outings & have had NO pain! My Glutes are so much stronger […]

Melanie Handell

I was referred to James after a double disc replacement in my neck performed by my surgeon, Mr Peter Hamlyn at The Princess Grace Hospital. Physio was recommended to me to strengthen and assist my recovery after the op. Prior to coming to James, i knew very little on the mechanics of the neck and […]

Patricia Fowler

I saw James after suffering with Migraines for many years. He spends a lot of time listening and looking at the patient rather than seeking a quick fix that means you have to keep going back for more treatment. His philosophy is to find the cause of the problem then show the patient how they […]

Lucy Pollard-Gunnery

I have seen James over several years and I love his holistic approach to physiotherapy, he doesn’t just address the obvious problem but also those that might impact for other reasons. I recently saw James where he performed and Epley manoeuvre which my GP had recommended as I had been suffering for several months with […]