Welcome to James Davis Physiotherapy, an Essex physiotherapist recognised for world-leading treatments and a genuine patient-focused approach. My committment is to give you an understanding of your problem and provide high value treatments, and a plan for you to self-manage at home. This will help you get better faster and return you back to moving normally. I avoid giving low value treatments such as spinal manipulation, use of electrical machines, acupuncture and massage which have been proved to be ineffective.

I have over 34 years' clinical experience  and specialist expertise in treating severe debilitating low back and neck pains and sports injuries. I treat shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries, knee and ankle pains and pregnancy-related back and pelvic pains in patients of all ages ranging from school children to elderly patients, including professional sports men and women (see Sporting History). I have a long tradition of helping people from all walks of life in Chelmsford, Essex and the home counties, get back to normal life, having been empowered to resolve their problems with our help and guidance.

Paul Brand W

Following 30 years of lower back pain, 2 operations including a discectomy at L4/L5 and numerous chiropractor and physio appointments I found James Davis. James takes an educational approach to treating his patients and having almost given up on finding a reason/cure for my back pain I was wholly receptive. As with most patients I […]

Vicky Joseph

I first saw James Davis in October 2017 and after two sessions he referred me on to his colleague Ian Cowell, purely because of geographical accessibility. I had been suffering with persistent low back pain for almost a year. This, my second bout (the first having started in 2000 and lasted for over six years) […]

Dale Kaszycki

James is diligent and effective in his treatment, all of which is backed up by good conversation. I’ve specifically asked my health provider to refer me to James on two occasions and would do so again.

Tahir Sharif

James has been great. I’ve had lower back pain for 30 odd years, usually manifesting as spasms that can leave me unable to walk. In the past I’ve had massage, acupuncture, but most regularly chiropractic treatment. Of these Chiro worked, but only at alleviating the symptoms not addressing the cause. James has got me to […]

Louise Smith

James’s combination of regular thorough questioning, accommodating my sporadic visits (two young children) and focusing on the way I moved, lifted, drove, sat etc., has resulted in dramatic changes that have enabled me to live pain free, despite having spondylolisthesis and a left labral tear. Worth the journey from Leigh-on-Sea to Chelmsford and worth every […]

Nicky Browne

James, I cannot thank you enough. When I came to you following a prolapse disc in my neck, I was a bag of nerves about my health. Your reassuring, kind, professional care is something I will never forget. Your patient explanation of my condition, what had happened, what I could do about it and what […]

George Currell

Prior to seeing James for physiotherapy I was in constant – sometimes debilitating – pain. Having seen him at his practice (and discussing the possibility of attending a seminar with Professor Peter O’Sullivan), I found that the breathing and physical exercises that James suggested gave me a great deal of relief. I’d like to thank […]

Amanda Murray

After many years of suffering with various levels of back pain and seeking medical advice and specialist treatment, I still had no meaningful improvement. So I was thinking that I would have to suffer back pain for the rest of my life.. ……However, I was recommended by a friend to visit James and how glad […]

Dereck Coulson

After being advised to have an operation on my back with only a 60% success rate, I decided to see James as a last resort. I now rarely suffer any pain and able to manage any pain I get. Glad I didnÕt have the operation. Highly recommended.

Melanie Reed

James literally saved my life. I have had back problems from the age of 17 but at 24 I got so bad that for 3 years I was stuck in a bed in my living room unable to walk. I was in and out of hospital frequently with the extreme pain. Doctors and hospital just […]