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Live + interactive webinar

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06/12/2021 08:00 AM
06/27/2021 05:00 PM
Cognitive Functional Therapy
An individualised behavioural approach to the management of disabling low back pain
Live Webinar

Back pain is the leading cause of disability. There is growing evidence that back pain is a bio-psycho-social disorder. There are many unhelpful beliefs about back pain, that lead people in pain to become fearful, protective and avoidant. Understanding the multidimensional factors that underpins back pain allows for effective targeted management.

Cognitive Functional Therapy was developed as a person-centred behavioural approach for individualising the management of disabling LBP. This approach has evolved from an integration of foundational behavioural psychology and neuroscience within physical therapist practice. It is underpinned by a multidimensional clinical reasoning framework in order to identify the modifiable and nonmodifiable factors associated with an individual’s disabling LBP. It incorporates a motivational approach to targeting unhelpful cognitions, emotions, movement and lifestyle behaviours that drive pain and disability. There is growing evidence for the efficacy of Cognitive Functional Therapy for reducing pain and disability in people with disabling low back pain.

During this 4-part live webinar over two weekends, Peter will take you on a journey. This will include developing an understanding of:

  1. Peter’s story
  2. Triage – multi-dimensional factors associated with back pain
  3. Key elements for effective communication
  4. Clinical interview exploring the persons story, their beliefs, emotions and behavioural responses to pain
  5. Physical examination including the application of behavioural experiments
  6. Clinical reasoning framework
  7. Cognitive Functional Therapy intervention
    1. Making sense of pain – person centred understanding of pain
    2. Exposure with control – building confidence in movement
    3. Lifestyle changes – healthy lifestyle
    4. Coaching towards self-management
  8. Evidence and obstacles for CFT

During the webinar Peter will demonstrate the use of the clinical reasoning framework to individualise CFT to a range of different clinical profiles, using real case videos of people with disabling low back pain. This will demonstrate the CFT clinical journey of a number of cases with face to face consultations.

There will be numerous opportunities for Q and A.

Regretfully this webinar will not be recorded and will not be made available for viewing on Zoom because there is no way of securing patient privacy and confidentiality

*Discount available for full time students – see Terms & Conditions below.