POS course testimonials by previous delegates

I will attend another POS course

I have been trying to help people who I felt were fearful of moving. I now have the tools to help them relax and have confidence to follow through with the approach and it works and I have already had some VERY happy patients walk away from my clinic. They all say it makes sense. […]

I am hopeful this will ascend to other medical profession

Peters work is pioneering and I feel privileged to have witnessed this at first hand. I have come away from the workshop inspired, enthused and I am so excited about the future. Particularly for the management of patients with chronic pain and achieving excellent long term outcomes, for the profession and practice of Physiotherapy and […]

This was all highly inspiring and uplifting

The excellence of the course was in its tying together of the biopsychosocial elements of patient management, Peter’s fantastic treatment style and the use of models. This was all highly inspiring and uplifting. NL

The most amazing 3 days I have ever spent on a course

The course itself has managed to place me in the position where I have had to rethink my entire physio practice. Even in the short time since the course I have noticed spectacular results with my patients.  My colleagues are intrigued and overnight I am no longer in despair at the prospect of the worst […]