Rajeeb Dey

James is a total life saver for me. I have been having problems on and off for quite a few years and suffered immensely with back spasms acutely in past few weeks. After being pretty much on the floor for 3 days James got me walking within a 1.5 hour home visit and during our sessions at his clinic he helps me recognise the triggers of the pain and the solutions to deal with them. He’s totally different to any other physio I’ve seen and his results speak for themselves. All my friends and family have been amazed at how quickly he’s supported my recovery and whilst I’m not 100% as yet I’m much better than I’ve ever been (and find his educational approach and Cognitive Functional Therapy approach far more effective than medication / pain management injections and other interventions – all of which I’ve tried in the past!) Cannot recommend James highly enough!

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