Date: Saturday 4th - 6th of May 2019
Venue: Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, London NW3 2QG
Cost: £370
Registration: Day 1 - 9.00am
Start & finish Day 1 — 9.30am to 5.30pm
Days 2 & 3 - 8.30am — 5.30pm & 4.30pm
Course organiser: James Davis
Contact: Click here


Cognitive Functional Therapy was developed as a flexible integrated behavioural approach for individualising the management of disabling LBP. This approach has evolved from an integration of foundational behavioural psychology and neuroscience within physical therapist practice. It is underpinned by a multidimensional clinical reasoning framework in order to identify the modifiable and nonmodifiable factors associated with an individual's disabling LBP. It incorporates a motivational approach to targeting unhelpful cognitions, distress, movement andlifestyle behaviours that drive pain and disability. This course is based on the ongoing research into contemporary management of disabling low back pain disorders.

Four patients will be assessed by Peter, put forward by delegates and not previously seen by him. Patients will have a debilitating pain presentation. After each patient assessment there will be time to review the clinical process. Delegates are most welcome to contact the organiser should they wish to put forward an appropriate patient for Peter to assess.

Light refreshments will be provided but not lunch. To register for this course click the box 'Book this course' below and complete the online procedures. On receipt of payment a place will beguaranteed for you. No reservation of a place without payment is possible. Pre-course reading is available for your perusal at Peter O Sullivan articles. Receipts will be sent to your personal email. CPD certificates will be given at end of Day 3.

Delegates testimonials

The most amazing 3 days I have ever spent on a course

The course itself has managed to place me in the position where I have had to rethink my entire physio practice. Even in the short time since the course I have noticed spectacular results with my patients.  My colleagues are intrigued and overnight I am no longer in despair at the prospect of the worst chronic LBP’s. It is very rare to find someone able to make complex issues appear simple, and POS did this perfectly. The most amazing 3 days I have ever spent on a course. DH

This was all highly inspiring and uplifting

The excellence of the course was in its tying together of the biopsychosocial elements of patient management, Peter’s fantastic treatment style and the use of models. This was all highly inspiring and uplifting. NL

I regularly consult the notes and try to change my clinical practice

I found this course fascinating, the most stimulating course I have attended in the last 10 years and I regularly consult the notes and try to change my clinical practice. 

I am hopeful this will ascend to other medical profession

Peters work is pioneering and I feel privileged to have witnessed this at first hand. I have come away from the workshop inspired, enthused and I am so excited about the future. Particularly for the management of patients with chronic pain and achieving excellent long term outcomes, for the profession and practice of Physiotherapy and I am hopeful this will ascend to other medical professions. CN

I will attend another POS course

I have been trying to help people who I felt were fearful of moving. I now have the tools to help them relax and have confidence to follow through with the approach and it works and I have already had some VERY happy patients walk away from my clinic. They all say it makes sense. I will attend another POS course. LB

Fantastic! Amazing! Life changing!

Fantastic! Amazing! Life changing! I have been qualified 7 years and have always struggled with the constraints of treating patients in ‘boxes’. This course/approach will continue to transform totally the way I deal with, examine my patients, chronic or acute. It has already made a significant impact on patients. I have treated since. YF

The course was the most inspiring course I have attended in 15 years

The course was the most inspiring course I have attended in 15 years. I have attended courses and training with Peter before and always felt immediate benefits to my own clinical work. I have significantly benefitted by observing Pater assess and develop a management plan for multiple patients with complex disorders. By observing Peter listening and interacting with a patient enabling them to reflect, has for myself highlighted the essential link between psychosocial factors with both a patient’s presentation and overall classification. The update on related research was also so informative as was the discussion of evidence within the assessment process to educate and empower patients. AC

Absolutely fantastic

I have learnt so much and Peter presented in a way that was easy to follow. It was very relevant and made it easy to transfer skills into clinical practice. I had gone very much into CBT in my practice and understood all the key themes, but will now increase my focus on just getting patients moving again and feeling free and trusting. Be a bit more hands-on for reassurance and facilitation. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks.

Food for thought

Great course!  Food for thought. This will definitely impact and change my practice.

Really inspirational

Excellent course! Really inspirational. And motivating going back into clinical setting. Will definitely be back.

I feel it is going to massively improve my effectiveness

As a newly qualified physio this really does feel like the missing link between treating acute problems/dysfunction effectively, and having the same outcome with those chronic backs. Being shown how to directly address those psychosocial factors, I feel is going to massively improve my effectiveness. It seems clear why we/the health care system find it so difficult to manage such a large proportion of patients who need us, and how we can begin to do so.

Brilliant course. It just makes sense.

Brilliant course. It just makes sense. I have come away after 3 days with a completely different mindset.  I have been on courses before but found it difficult to transfer my learning to the clinic setting but by the case studies this is a lot more transferable

I am completely thrilled.

I am completely thrilled. The course has changed my thinking, my focus and beliefs. Made me start planning what I’m going to do when I return to my clinic – how to transform these skills in practice – how to disseminate this knowledge to my colleagues and change practice. Great journey. Thank you for the opportunity.

When you were asking your patients it all made sense

From early training I have had a growing sense of dissatisfaction with Physiotherapy as a profession and my ability to understand or explain the underlying mechanisms driving pain for my patients – until today. When you were asking your patients it all made sense

Career changing course

Career changing course. Empowers practitioners to empower patients. Simplifying a complex problem