Stephanie Hastings

Tremendous help and the relief
I had been suffering with back pain for many years, trying NHS Physio, chiropractors etc. where I started to finally give up and accept the pain. However in December 15 it got much worse to the degree that it hurt to stand or sit or doing anything and was affecting my day to day life. I started worrying at the age of 25 that I was never going to be pain free and normal again or worrying it was something worse.

I then went to a private hospital for various tests all looking for the worst case and once these all came back negative I was later referred to a specialist for back pain ÒJames DavisÓ. I have only had 7 sessions with James and I am almost back to my normal self. I have to admit when I was first referred to James/physiotherapy I was sceptical because I have been to NHS physio before and it never helped. How glad I am that I gave my referral a go and met James.

Thank you so much for all your help James. Your knowledge in my back pain and knowing everything that helped has been tremendous help and the relief now from not letting back pain rule my life. Thank you for helping me feel like a young person again and given me my youth back. I honestly didnÕt think I could go a minute let alone a day without thinking about the pain or letting it rule me.

I will continue with all the exercises and knowledge you bestowed to me and if I ever have problems again wonÕt hesitate to call you.

I could confidently and highly recommend James to other sufferers. His knowledge in chronic lower back pain is amazing. If you are as sceptical as I was prior treatment, try a session and you wonÕt leave without booking another and be on the road to a pain free life again.

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