Telephysio is a term I have coined for physiotherapy consultations using the internet with video. Using my Skype icon below the facebook and twitter icons on the right side of the home page and using my Skype account ‘jamesdavisphysio’,  patients may select to have a telephysio consultation from home or office. It is particularly useful  for those who are unable to come into the clinic because they are in too much pain or require just a consultation and advice from home. You do need a skype account to access this facility and provided the connection is made we can talk using the internet for free. A video facility would enhance the consultation with clear demonstrations given. all you are paying for is my time.


This new and innovative way of treating patients can all be done from the comfort of home and in some cases the bed when patients are unable to move out of bed perhaps because of acute back pains, or other painful injuries.


Appointment times must be pre-aranged which will normally occur at lunchtimes, evenings or at mutually convenient times. This can be done by ringing 01245-349096 and speaking with a receptionist who will arrange the appointment.


The fee for each consultation is £45.00 for 30 minutes and then an additional £1 per minute thereafter. At the end of the treatment your bill will be calculated according to the time spent on skype. Patients are required to provide their card details prior to the consultation and payment processed at the conclusion of the session.