Prof Peter O’Sullivan
UK Clinical Workshop 2021

Patient confidentiality

Peter O’Sullivan’s workshop are unique in that care seeking people with disabling low back pain agree to be part of the learning experience.  Because of this, protecting the patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality at all times is paramount and has been an integral aspect of all Peter O’Sullivan’s previous workshops and this webinar.

It is a condition of joining this webinar that you agree not to copy any of the material related to the patients that Peter assesses and treats in this webinar. This includes their identity, medical history, their assessment or treatment and relates to taking screenshots or making audio and video recording of any patient material. It is a courageous gesture for a patient to agree to let Peter film them for educational purposes but they have not consented to illicit filming and recording by delegates. So please respect their wishes and rights to privacy and confidentiality by not recording them in any way.

By registering for this webinar you agree to these terms and conditions. If you are not happy to agree to this condition please let me know and I will provide a full refund. Anyone found to breach these terms and conditions could face legal action.


Thank you for your understanding

Peter O’Sullivan/ James Davis