Exercise therapy

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions requires an integration of a hands-on approach and exercises that address the movement impairment, supplemented by a home program of specific individual exercises. This will allow you to move without pain and fulfil your potential. Recent trends towards evidence-based practice are of paramount consideration when prescribing exercises to patients. This requires knowledge of current scientific research, and our Chartered Physiotherapists spend a large amount of time, money, effort and resources in achieving this aim. The specific patient programme reflects this knowledge and experience.

All our programs are based on a thorough examination, and administered by our highly trained physiotherapists to best manage your problem. Each patient will receive specific exercises that will be progressed and made more difficult as the patient gets better. The program will only take a few minutes and will not be a drain on valuable time. It is essential to be able to integrate them into your working day.

Our experience in Exercise Therapy enables us to create a progressive exercise program specifically tailored to your injury and need. We will rehabilitate you from the early stage of injury through to late and functional stages before finally discharging you to the field of competitive sport or place of work.