Hamstring, groin and thigh pains

The approach I adopt throughout my private practice is to identify the cause of a patients pain presentation. With specific areas of pain located to the groin and hamstring muscles, my suspicion is aroused to an overload situation and therefore my approach is to assess the way you move and recruit the muscles of the leg. Muscle strains and tears are often the result of an overload situation and if you ask the question why, with my experience the answer can become very obvious provided a logical clinical approach is adopted.

After having identified the cause you will be given a targeted progressive exercise programme to do at home which is kept functional and logical. I tend not to ask patients to use weight machines to get strong but instead keep it simple and effective so that you may return to your chosen sport or activity as quickly as possible.

My initial training as a physiotherapist involved progressive exercise therapy in a group and individual situation in rehabilitation centres before I moved into professional cricket. This foundation has become extremely useful in progressing patients from initial acute injury to return to play in a safe and confident environment.