Injection therapy

Injection Therapy

Having successfully completed a Diploma in Injection Therapy organised by the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Orthopaedic Medicine in 2001, James Davis is able to offer effective and asceptic injection techniques to patients.

The use of injection therapy in musculoskeletal conditions is a highly effective treatment which is both quick and cost effective. Indication for its use is primarily symptomatic relief of pain whilst allowing other manual therapy techniques to address the cause. Failure to achieve resolution of normal movement of a specific joint in question may well result in recurrence of the problem, e.g.  tennis elbow.

Injection therapy came within the scope of  professional practice of British Chartered Physiotherapists in December 1995, provided  postgraduate training and qualification is obtained. The training required to complete the Diploma is very comprehensive, scientifically based and taught by highly experienced tutors conveying safe and appropriate procedures.

Injections are given following a comprehensive examination and in discussion with the patient. The patient is thus fully involved in the decision-making process and the treatment is administered with the full cooperation of the patient.

There is a surcharge for the injection procedure. You will be provided with information about the injection to take home with you.

For further details, please ask James Davis.