My approach

My number one priority is the long-term welfare of our patients.

I work with patients to find the root cause of the problem. This may be low back or neck pain, muscle or joint pain, or a sports injury. It could be pregnancy-related back or pelvic pain or an injury at work. I aim to treat it quickly and effectively, and then help you understand how to prevent the problem from returning.

Many Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons refer their patients for immediate post-operative physiotherapy starting the next day after surgery to reduce swelling and commence gentle exercises.

With James Davis Physiotherapy, you can be assured of:

Quick results and long-term solutions

  • I identify and try solve the problem, not just treat it
  • I empower you to move without pain, and stay pain-free
  • I help you understand your problem, so that you can help yourself to restore control of your problem.
  • I help you get better faster, and in the least number of visits
  • I work closely with medical consultants to offer you a premium service


  • Over 34 years clinical experience
  • Chartered physiotherapist
  • World-leading treatments
  • Almost all patients are referred (by happy patients, GPs and medical consultants)
  • Specialist expertise with complex spinal, pelvic and sports injuries
  • Long experience with elite sports teams - see Sporting History
  • Well established practice in Chelmsford since 1993


  • Prompt appointments (same day or next day, 52 weeks a year)
  • Patient-focused clinics near you
  • Easy access and free parking adjacent to the front door

My personal commitment

  • To use all my skills, experience, energy, resources and best endeavours to provide excellence in care and musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • To resolve a patient's movement dysfunction in the least number of visits in a safe, confidential and professional environment, and in a caring and compassionate manner

James Davis