Pelvic and hip pains

Pelvic girdle pain disorders and hip pain are a common complaint in patients that present to us in clinic.

Our clinic focus on the causes of pains and symptoms in this area and adopt a movement examination to explain the presentation of discomfort. Underlying this approach is the understanding the buttock muscles are the primary source of movement of the hips and when this does not happen correctly or in the right sequence, pain deep within the buttocks or  superficially as a bursitis, or in the hamstrings, can result.

Our solution is to identify the causes of  the problem and provide a remedy immediately. We have great results with this approach and above all we tailor-make it to suit your needs.

James’s  interview with Prof Peter O’Sullivan on pelvic pain: What are the really important factors to address in pelvic pain management? 

Royal Free Hospital, London April 2013